About Ted

Ted Hsu (pronounced “shoe”) is running in the next provincial election because there are big challenges that Ontario faces in a post-COVID world. He is passionate about combining innovative leadership with community input by listening, understanding, and making thoughtful choices to tackle our problems. Ted is excited to make government work for the people of Kingston and the Islands, and Ontario.

Kingston is Ted’s hometown. He was very proud to serve his community as the Member of Parliament for Kingston and the Islands from 2011-2015.

Ted’s uncommon background has given him the experience to see issues from many different angles and to bring innovative solutions to the table. Trained as a quantum physicist, Ted likes to understand the details, which is helpful when analyzing policies and whether they deliver the results they promise.

Ted also comes to politics with a decade of work in the global financial markets and as a finance executive in the U.S., France, and Japan. With that experience, he brings an understanding of how money moves around the economy, and how that affects people’s everyday lives. Locally, Ted has also worked with start-up companies in Ontario to learn about the challenges faced at that stage of business.

He has also served his community as Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing and the Executive Director of SWITCH, a not-for-profit sustainable energy and green jobs network. In these roles, he prioritized listening to constituents and stakeholders — really listening — to the problems that people have with their government.

Ted loves living in Kingston with his wife, two daughters, and extended family. He has spent six seasons coaching elementary and high school level robotics teams and enjoys playing competitive chess.

With innovative leadership and community input, we can build a better Ontario for today and generations to come. Ted Hsu